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Dr.well Wellspot Tilt Massager that releases out of reach. This is a very good massage device for those who have frequent swelling and those who want a comfortable massage.
Adjust the angle over 180 ° to easily and conveniently the desired area. Adjustable angle and intensity suitable for sensitive and careful areas, not weak.
3 modes.
Massage effect up and up at an angle that fits your body!
7-step angle adjustment possible.
3 modes, 3 intensity adjustable.

-Armpit (1 ~ 2 stages)
It's hard to knock, so just touch the wellspot.
-Neck and back of the ear (1 ~ 2 stages)
Squeeze the neck line and the back of the ear with a wellspot and sweep it in the clavicle direction.
-Face (Phase 1)
Gently massage the sides of the nose, eyes, and chin with a strength that is not too strong.
-Knee behind the knee (2 ~ 3 steps)
After adjusting the angle to fit behind the knee, rub it round and sweep upward.
-Seo Hye-bu (Level 1 ~ 3)
Push the inguinal area into the wellspot and push it out of the body.
-Calf (Phase 3)
Press the entire back of the calf from bottom to top.

Convenient wireless use.
Can be used wirelessly after charging (approximately 2 hours 15 minutes, war time 5 hours)

[Let's massage with Dr. Well!]

-People with frequent facial swelling.
-People who frequently swell the lower body and body.
-People who feel heavy.
-People who are usually tired.
-Those who work in the house.
-Stacked office workers.
-Long time driver.
-For those who want a relaxing massage.

[Product Specifications]
Power supply: USB + lithium polymer battery (3.6V, 2500mAh).
Size / weight: About 285 * 58 * 160mm / About .
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