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Inevitably, cars and electronic equipment will eventually fill up with dust, you probably don’t remember how it got there, but you sure do want to get rid of it, don't you?! Our Car Clean Adhesive has just what you need! It’s a non-toxic, blob of goo! Sounds weird but it’s actually a fun gel that works effectively to eliminate germs and remove annoying dust.

【Extensive use and recycling】: It can be recycled without cleaning. Put it in the bag and seal it after use. 
【High-quality cleaning products】: Cleaning gel, simple and convenient cleaning solution for PC/laptop keyboard and other rugged surface cleaning such as the car vent, camera, cell phone, calculator, Speaker, and PC screen.
【Environmental protection material】: Made of biodegradable gel, it won’t leave a residue on the items you’re cleaning, not sticky to hands, smells sweet with lemon fragrance, totally no stimulation to skin.
【Easy to use & Quickly remove dust】: This cleaner could be used over 1000 times till the color turns dark. When cleaning finished, just put the box in a cool place. (NOTE: don’t wash the gel with water.).

——————Practical Accessories——————

    Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield

    Often times, drivers underestimate the dangers of driving in adverse weather conditions, which can result in tragic accidents! This is especially true if the driver has never encountered bad weather on the road before. Conditions, such as snow, fog, or even heavy rain can make driving particularly dangerous for even the most careful drivers. 

    Introducing the Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield, which contains a pack of 2 shields, for your car. This nanometer coating protective film features high light transmittance and is waterproof, anti-fog, and anti-glare to improve the safety factor when driving.


    HD Blind Spot Mirrors


    HD Blind Spot Mirrors, maximize your view with wide-angle in the car. All convex spot mirrors are equipped with a tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket for easy installation. HD Glass curved male face frameless ultrathin slim design, equip with 3M adhesive for pressure-sensitive tape installation. IP65 waterproof, rust-resistant, and the glass will not haze. Suitable for interior or exterior use. The flexible convex shape of the blind spot mirror helps you to forecast the next surroundings when passing or changing lanes. Install and test within seconds, All universal vehicles car fit accessory, MUST have for every truck, car, SUV, RVs, and vans.

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